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                          If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
                        let the words and music of A Gentle Wind surround you with wonder and magic....

Our Most Recent Recordings

Pam Donkin Hello Goodbye songs

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Calm Down Boogie
by Betsy Rose

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Creative Child
Seal of Excellence
Children's Web Award

gw1069sm.jpg (6589 bytes) A Hop Skip and a Jump
by Pam Donkin

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Creative Child
Seal of Excellence

Parents’ Choice  Award
Children's Web Award

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Big Rock Candy Mtn
John Kirk & Trish Miller

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Children's Web Award
Parents’ Choice Award
Creative Child
(Toy of the Year Finalis


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Escape of the Slinkys
by Nancy Tucker

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Children's Web Award
Parents’ Choice Gold
Creative Child

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Pocketful of Wonder
by Sarah Pirtle

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Parents’ Choice Gold
Tillywig Toy Award
Creative Child
Sarah Pirtle is the winner of
the Magic Penny Award
for Children's Music


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Nature's ABCs
Sammie Haynes

GW1058sm.JPG (7847 bytes) Magical Earth
Sarah Pirtle

GW1038sm.jpg (4875 bytes)
Hello Everybody
Rachel Buchman

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World's Big Family
Paul Strausman

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Chip off the New Block
Tom Smith

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Tales Around The Hearth
Heather Forest

GW1061sm.JPG (49720 bytes) Elephant In Aisle 4
Lisa Atkinson

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A Home In Tennessee
Sparky Rucker

GW1048sm.jpg (44170 bytes)Sleepytime Serenade
Linda Schrade

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Under One Sky
Ruth Pelham

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