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Q: What are Bonus CD Tracks?
A: In addition to the audio content, some newer CDs from A Gentle Wind (Starting With GW1062) have activity content added as computer readable files.  
Q: Will this computer track add software or change my
    computer settings?       Do I need special software?
A: The bonus tracks do not need special software. They are organized as a web site on a disk. The bonus track is viewed using the Web browser that is already on your computer, and do not make any changes in settings. They do not add any software to your computer.
Q: The audio plays on my computer OK, but why can't I can't see the bonus track?
A: The automatic disk notification settings on your computer may be at fault.
To get to the computer data, follow these steps.
1. Close the audio player program on your computer.
2. For PCs only. Double click the CD drive where the disk is loaded.
Usually this will call your web browser and start reading the disk.
For all computers ( Mac and PC).
If this does not start the disk, start your web browser manually.
3. From the File menu, open the index.htm file on the CD.
This will start the web content for you.
Q: I can see the web content, but the audio won't play.
A: The sound should always play correctly in a normal audio only CD player.
If you can't play the audio in your computer drive, there are several possible causes.
1. Close the web browser, if it is showing the bonus track web.
2. Manually start your CD audio player program.
On PC's, there is usually a program program for playing CD's found from:
START-> Programs ->Accessories ->Entertainment->CD Player.
If you have a third party sound card accessory package, there is usually a CD audio player associated with it as well.
Q: I get a message that asks me to select the program to use when I
try to play the video ( MPG). Why can't I see the video?

A: Your computer has never been set up for video playback of MPG files.
Here's how to correct that.

1. For PC's:  Since WIN 98, a program called MPLAYER has been part of the basic installation that allows MPGs to be played. Older WIN95 computers need a program update which adds the Windoze media player program to your computer.
This update is free, and you can download it here:   Download AMOVIE
After the download completes, follow the installation directions.

2. For MacIntosh:
Your computer has never been set up for video playback of MPG files.You can download a copy of the newest Quicktime player ( v4 or later) at

Please note: These directions were written at the time these CDs
were released, and are likey to be outdated for many customers.

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