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If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
let the words and music surround you with the wonder & magic of A Gentle Wind

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Tom Smith
Chip Off The New Block

This one has both - stories and songs! Tom is a performer from the Boston area who brings these tales and tunes to life.
GW1005  CD $14.95

Here's to Cheshire (an unusual version of Froggie Went a Courting) Listen
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt  Listen
The Man Behind The Plow
The Three Craws
A Kangaroo sat On An Oak  Listen
It's Only an Old Bottle
Garden Song (Inch by Inch)
Can You Dig That Crazy Jibberish
Barney McCabe
Fogarty's Christmas Cake

Chip Off The New Block is also available as part of the Favorite Songs 4 Pack along with

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Buy the Pack.  Four CDs for $39.95

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Tom Smith
Listening to Tom Smith will take you to other places and other times. Tom interweaves old songs and tales with contemporary and original songs and spoken word that are reminiscent of the very best of the old-school folk tradition, presented in an easy-going and engaging style. Accompanied by guitar, banjo, and other instruments, Tom will both tickle your funny bone and touch your heart, as he has done to others at concerts, folk festivals, coffee houses, and schools throughout the Northeast US.

Photo: Phil Knudsen


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