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If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
let the words and music surround you with the wonder & magic of A Gentle Wind

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Faith Petric
Sing A Song, Sing Along

Warm and irreverent, Faith appeals to the child in us all.  Children are tickled by humorous songs such as "Oh Hel,O Hel, Oh Helen I love you" and Hi Fi Stereo, Color TV". Ages 6-12
GW1015 CD $14.95
Mail Myself To You
Apple Picker's Reel
The Fox  Listen
I'm Gonna Tell
Hole In The Bucket Listen
It Could Be A Wonderful World

Sing In The Spring
The Little House
Helen, I Love You
Roll Over  Listen
HiFi Stereo
Man In The Moon
Moon Song

Sing A Song, Sing Along is available as part of the Sing-Along 4 Pack along with:

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Buy the Pack.  Four CDs Only $39.95

faithpetric.jpg (50548 bytes) Faith Petric
Born in 1915 in a log cabin, Faith sings outrageous songs culled from a bevy of extraordinary minds, with wild, satirical, quirky, offbeat, and endearing traits that characterize the lady herself. She discovered cowboy songs in 1925 followed by the protest songs of the 1930s—and she’s addicted to all of them. Faith really does know a thousand songs. While revered internationally as an honest-to-God folksinger from the “True Vine,” Faith is the real article—a genuine repository of all that is best in the American spirit. Turning 90 this year, Faith simply says, “I think of myself only as liking to sing, and I try to sing what I feel.” Folksinger Utah Phillips said: “If Eleanor Roosevelt were alive today and sang folk songs, she would be Faith Petric.”

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