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If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
let the words and music surround you with the wonder & magic of A Gentle Wind

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If you want to hear some of the best songs
out there today...listen to Sarah Pirtle."
– Pete Seeger

Winner of the 2007
Magic Penny Award
for Lifetime Acheivement
in Children's Music

Sarah Pirtle
Two Hands Hold The Earth
American Library Association Notable Children's Recording
In these joyful songs about appreciating the world and everyone we share it with, kids can sing about the seasons, learn to solve problems without fighting, or just get silly.
GW1028  CD  $14.95

Magic  Horse Listen
Fox's Dance Listen
The Woman Who
Gobbled Swiss Cheese       Listen
Pelorus Jack
May There Always Be Sunshine
Across The Wide Ocean Listen
My Roots Go Down Listen
Seaweed Jam
There's Always Something You Can Do

Jump Salmon Jump
Wish I Was A Whale
Two Hands Hold The Earth
De Colores
Quiet Place
Brother Possum
I Talk To My Food
I Am A Person
Here's A Hand Listen
The Moon's Lullaby Listen

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Other great recordings by Sarah Pirtle

sarah.jpg (6909 bytes) Sarah Pirtle is an award-winning author and musician who writes and sings for all ages.   She received the Magic Penny Award for lifetime achievement in children’s music in 2007.  
As a twelve-year old Sarah taught herself to play guitar using Pete Seeger's “Folksinger’s Guitar Guide” and her goal in life was to be like Pete. She never dreamed that Sing Out! magazine, which she subscribed to as a teenager and read cover to cover, would one day carry songs of hers including “Mahogany Tree” or that her performing would be mentioned in Billboard Magazine.
 Sarah’s songs from her seven recordings have a crossover appeal for all ages and have been recorded by Sharon, Lois and Bram, Bonnie Lockhart, Two of a Kind, Velma Frye, Tom Pease and many others. Most recently Common Thread Community Chorus of Toronto included her song, “My Roots Go Down,” on their greatest hits recording
Sarah is considered a national expert on teaching social skills through the arts. Training in the 1970’s to become a dance therapist, she chose instead to focus upon communicating through music and joined the Living Poem Theater Company where she not only performed but wrote songs for the productions. Today she has returned to her love of dance by leading Sacred Circle Dance and choreographing dances to contemporary and original music.
The heart of her work is connecting with the earth and bonding with the natural world through the expressive arts. In her programs for adults she underscores that we can listen for our own personal connection to the fruitful life-force of the Universe. For fourteen years she has directed Journey Camp held at Woolman Hill in Deerfield which emphasizes that “We aren’t just on the earth. We are part of the earth creating and growing.” She co-founded the Tree of Life School at Red Gate Farm, now in its third year. Each keynote speech, each workshop, each concert, brings together the themes of building our communities, caring about justice, and fervently loving the earth.  To learn about Sarah's social skills songs on Linking Up and to read her essay: WHY I SING WITH CHILDREN click here

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