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If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
let the words and music surround you with the wonder & magic of A Gentle Wind


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Purly Gates and David Levine
Singin' On A Star

A dab of swing, with a touch of old and a pinch of new.  Mix it all together and you have Singin' On A Star - a delightful recipe for a good time.  Ages 3-8
GW1034   CD $14.95

Swinging On A Star
If You Like Tails
My Grandfather's Clock
Flea And A Fly
Ground Hog
Islands Are Neat Listen
We've Got A Brand New Carpet
Thanksgiving Song
We Are Friends
Knock Knock


Singin' On A Star is also available as part of the Preschool 4 Pack along with:

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Buy the pack.  Four CDs for $39.95


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