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                          If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
                        let the words and music of A Gentle Wind surround you with wonder and magic....

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Doug Lipman
Tell It With Me

Parents' Choice Gold Award
Imagination conquers the monsters! Whether it's a wild thing, bedtime fears, or just the frustration of not having what you want, these stories and songs speak to children's concerns. And each one has a triumph for us all to share. These folktales, along with two of Doug's most requested original stories, are from Jewish, Appalachian, and Latin American traditions. There is plenty of opportunity to join in with singing, funny sounds, and rhythmic chants.

Ages 3-8      GW1035     CD $14.95

The Tailor Who Felt Wonderful  Listen
The Magic Sausage Mill
Chew Your Rock Candy  Listen
Once There Was a Wild Thing
A la Rorro Nino  Listen
I'm Not Sleepy Yet

"Ideal for younger children, as well as for their older siblings...quite helpful in dealing with feelings & emotions...whether at home or on a long car trip, this tape will provide plenty of enjoyment."
- The Big Apple Parents' Paper.

"Tell It With Me" is also available as part of the Storytelling 4 Pack along with:

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Buy the Pack - Four CDs for $39.95

Doug Lipman told his first story when he was teaching in a school for emotionally disturbed children. It was then that he first noticed the power of stories to inspire, empower and guide the listener. As a pre-school teacher and certified Kodaly music teacher, Lipman combined stories with songs and saw that music enhances the healing power of story, transforming the listener and helping them reconnect with their true essence.

Doug has performed stories and songs all over the U.S., in Canada, and in New Zealand for children, adults, and families. Using his background as a former math and science teacher - his undergraduate major was mathematics - he also developed storytelling programs on nature and ecology.

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