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                          If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
                        let the words and music of A Gentle Wind surround you with wonder and magic....

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Lisa Atkinson
The One And Only Me

Selected as Outstanding by Parent Council
A Gentle Wind Customers "Kids' Pick" Award

Here is lively, bouncy music to let YOUR "one and only me" kids know just how important they are.  Lisa uses her imagination to turn grocery stores and bathtub chores into cheerful family time.
Ages 3-8       GW 1051      CD $14.95


At The Grocery Store  Listen
Children All Over the World
The Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Don’t Drink the Water Listen
The Doughnut Song
One More Try Listen
Don’t Step on the Rain
Families Are Made of Love  Listen
Monsters Never Comb Their Hair  Listen
The One and Only Me  Listen
Clothesline Hop  Listen
Myrtle the Turtle  Listen
I’ll Hold You
Rockabye Ranch  Listen
"catchy tunes and uplifting messages...It all holds together tightly and is continuously entertaining and fun to listen to...Kids will love this, and their parents will also be entertained."
-School Library Journal

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Lisa Atkinson won her first songwriting contest at the age of twelve at Fordham University, and started writing children's songs when she was pregnant with her first child. 

"Kids have a wonderful way of looking at everyday events and that's what I try to capture in my songs. I like to make sure we don't take ourselves too seriously." But along with finding the humor in day to day life, Lisa's songs sing of feelings and experiences most of us can identify with.  Her music delights children and adults alike with her fresh approach to making music both fun and informative.

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