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                          If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
                        let the words and music of A Gentle Wind surround you with wonder and magic....

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On The Trail

Wonderfully funny rock songs about the itch of chicken pox, the wiggle of a loose tooth, and the search for lost homework. 

Ages 5-10      GW1054     CD $14.95

On The Trail  Listen
I Like To Be Cold And Wet
Alexander’s Story  
Do I Have To?
Ode To Two Guinea Pigs
Tree Song 
There’s A Werewolf  Under
     My Bed  Listen
Loose Tooth  Listen
Tooth Fairy Song
Do That Again  Listen
I Might Die Of Embarrassment
My Little Brother
Chicken Pox  Listen
Who Knows Me?
Hiding Places 

Other great recordings by Troubadour

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troubadour.jpg (99872 bytes) Victor Cockburn is a producer, songwriter, performer and teacher  His work in schools brings the richness and variety of folk music from many different cultures into the classroom as a learning and teaching tool.  For his family performances Victor was awarded the Boston Parents' Paper Entertainer of the Year Award.

Judith Steinbergh is a poet, lyricist, performer and teacher.  She has published a book of poems for children, Marshmallow Worlds;  four books of poems for adults, and three textbooks on teaching poetry writing to children.

As Troubadour, Victor and Judith have three recordings with A Gentle Wind.

Photo by: Cary Wolinsky

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