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If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
let the words and music of A Gentle Wind surround you with wonder and magic....


Save a Bundle!  Buy one of our Packs!    Four CD's for $39.95 

The Funny 4 Pack

Preschool 4 Pack

Storytelling 4 Pack

Sing-Along 4 pack

Favorite Songs 4 Pack

Literary Story 4 Pack

The Funny 4 Pack

GW2007 four CD's ONLY $39.95 

The Rainbow Kingdom
Paul Tracey

American Library Association
Notable Children's Recording
Songs with a zany, topsy turvy point of view. GW1032    Listen!

Glad That You Asked
Nancy Tucker

Outrageous puns and clever word plays for those of us who can't resist a good joke.
GW1045   Listen!

Can We Go Now?

Finds the humor in every day school and
family life. GW1041  Listen!

Open The Window
Bob Livingston

Silly songs set to a rockabilly beat
GW1056   Listen!

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Preschool 4 Pack  Four great "join in and have a great time" recordings at a special price!

GW2001b.jpg (55873 bytes) GW2001 four CD's ONLY $39.95


Just A Little Rainbow
Bodie Wagner

Happy songs and a tender tale of a dreamtime friendship between a boy and a baby dragon who flies on a feather
GW1053   Listen!

A Place To Be
Jay Unger & Lyn Hardy

Joyful, foot-stompin', toe-tapping tunes that are
"play it again" favorites  GW1006   Listen!

Little Friends For Little Folks
Janice Buckner

Dance like a puppet or toot like a train as you act along with these lively songs and silly sound effects.
GW1036  Listen!

Singin' On A Star
Purly Gates & David Levine

The whole family will be a-swingin' and a-singin' and a-dancin' along with this delightful blend of old and new. GW1034  Listen

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The Favorite Songs 4 Pack
Four Recordings of Great American Acoustic Music.
Songs include: Frere' Jacques, Row Row Row Your Boat, Skip to My Lou, I've Been Working on the Railroad,
On The Sunny Side of the Street, Side by Side, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and more









GW 2006  four CD's ONLY $39.95

Side by Side
Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne

Irresistible rag-time, good time beats - of the music of the 1920's and 30's

A Home In Tennessee
Sparky Rucker

Playful versions of favorite kids songs performed in a bluesy style.  GW1004   Listen! 

Down In The Valley
Robin & Linda Williams

Lively children's songs with a distinctive country flavor from these frequent guests on The Prairie Home Companion.  GW1011 

Chip Off The New Block
Tom Smith

Cheery songs and a captivating just-a-little scary witch's tale.  GW1005   Listen!

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Sing Along 4 Pack

Songs include: This Little Light of Mine, There's A Hole In The Bucket, Five Little Monkeys, Apples and Bananas,
It Could Be A Wonderful World, She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain and more

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GW 2005  Four CD's ONLY $39.95

My Rhinoceros and Other Friends
Guy Carawan

Pleasing blend of folk and original.

A Song Or Two For You
Nick Seeger

Silly songs and sing along songs.

The Dildine Family
Timeless tunes for your family.

Sing A Song Sing Along
Faith Petric

Warm and sometimes irreverent sense of humor.

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Literary Story 4 Pack    Cuddle Up And Read With Your Ears

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GW2003 Four CDs for $39.95

Cabbage Soup
Children's Radio Theatre

ALA Notable
Wacky, updated version of Rapunzel (complete with a talking bear) and a beautiful telling of Beauty And The Beast.

Elsie Piddock Skips In Her Sleep
Ellin Greene

Enter a world of fantasy where fairies skip in the new moon and a magical village appears from under the sea.

Old Tales For Tender Years
David Mitchell

A charming reading of the original written version of The Three Bears and other timeless stories...some familiar, some forgotten, all delightful.    GW1003 

The Reluctant Dragon
John & Ginny Dildine  with Gordon Bok

Kenneth Grahame's comic tale about the irresistible Dragon who'd rather read poetry than fight.

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Storytelling 4 Pack

GW2004b.jpg (64194 bytes)

GW2004   Four CDs for $39.95

Keep On Shaking
Doug Lipman

Lively Participation stories.  GW1013   

Tell It With Me
Doug Lipman

Parent's Choice Award
Stories to help tame those imaginary monsters. GW1035   

Chris Holder

Tall tales from our nation's history and folklore brought to life. GW1014   

Imagination Cruise
Chris Holder

All aboard! Your ticket to ride is your imagination.  GW1043   

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