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                          If you are looking for the best songs and stories for children,
                        let the words and music of A Gentle Wind surround you with wonder and magic....

Youngest Years 
lullabies,finger plays, baby activity songs
and more

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Preschool-Early Elementary 
songs with irresistible melodies and singalong words, refreshing new versions of favorite stories

Stories that stir your imagination & give flight to your dreams..
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Loving Values
Joyful music with themes of self esteem, conflict resolution, multi-cultural understanding & ecology

Tickle Your
Funny Bone

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Listed By Title/Artist

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Complete Listing Of Available Titles

GW1001  An Incredible Journey
GW1002  A Song Or Two For You
GW1003  Old Tales For Tender Years
GW1004  A Home In Tennessee
GW1005  A Chip Off The New Block
GW1006  A Place To Be
GW1007  Just So Stories
GW1009  Camels Cats & Rainbowsstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1010  As Strong as Anyone Can Be
GW1011  Down In The Valley
GW1012  Under One Sky
GW1013  Keep On Shaking
GW1014  Storysinger
GW1015  Sing A Song, Sing Along
GW1016  A Trunk Full of Talesstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1017  The Dildine Family
GW1020  Play And Dostar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1023  My Rhinoceros & Friends
GW1024  Cabbage Soupstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1025  Elsie Piddock Skips In Her Sleep
GW1026  Are We Almost There?star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1027  All Together
GW1028  Two Hands Hold the Earthstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1029  Rainbows, Stones & Dinosaur Bones
GW1031  Tales On The Wind
GW1032  The Rainbow Kingdom star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1033  Side By Side
GW1034  Singin’ On A Star
GW1035  Tell It With Me star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1036  Little Friends For Little Folks
GW1037  Sing Me A Story star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1038  Hello Everybody star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1040  Stories From The Enchanted Loom
GW1041  Can We Go Now?
GW1042  I Wanna Tickle The Fish star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1043  Imagination Cruise
GW1044  The Worlds Big Family star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1045  Glad That You Asked
GW1046  The Wind Is Telling Secrets star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1047  The Reluctant Dragon
GW1048  Sleepytime Serenade star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1050  Tales Around the Hearth star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1051  The One And Only Me star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1052  The Frog’s Party star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1053  Just A Little Rainbow
GW1054  On The Trail
GW1055  Baby And Me
GW1056  Open The Window
GW1057  River Of Stars star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1058  Magical Earth star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1059   All About Animals (sampler)
GW1060  Blue Jay, Blue Jay star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1061  The Elephant in Aisle Four star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1062  Friendship Stew GW1062star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1065  Heart of the Worldstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1066  Nature's ABCsstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1067  Big Rock Candy Mountainstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1068  Escape of the Slinkys star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1069  A Hop, Skip, and A Jumpstar.gif (88 bytes)
GW1070  Calm Down Boogie star.gif (88 bytes)
GW1071  Pocketful of Wonderstar.gif (88 bytes)

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Alphabetical By Artist:

Lisa Atkinson:
I Wanna Tickle The Fish   GW1042
The One And Only Me   GW1051
The Elephant in Aisle Four   GW1061

Gordon Bok:
(See John & Ginny Dildine)

Rachel Buchman:
Hello Everybody   GW1038
Baby And Me   GW1055

Janice Buckner:
Little Friends For Little Folks   GW1036

Guy Carawan:
My Rhinoceros & Other Friends   GW1023

Children's Radio Theatre:
Cabbage Soup   GW1024
Just So Stories   GW1007

Marina Cross:
(see John & Ginny Dildine)

John & Ginny Dildine:
A Trunk Full of Tales   GW1016
(with Marina Cross)
The Dildine Family   GW1017
The Reluctant Dragon   GW1047
(with Gordon Bok)

Pam Donkin:
Friendship Stew   GW1062
(with Greta Pedersen)
A Hop, Skip, and A Jump   GW1069

Heather Forest:
Sing Me A Story   GW1037
Tales Around The Hearth   GW1050

Purly Gates:
Singing On A Star   GW1034
(with David Levine)

Ellin Greene:
Elsie Piddock Skips In Her Sleep   GW1025

Lyn Hardy:
A Place To Be   GW1006
(with Jay Ungar)

Sammie Haynes:
Nature's ABCs   GW1066

Chris Holder:
Imagination Cruise   GW1043
Storysinger   GW1014

John Kirk & Trish Miller:
The Big Rock Candy Mountain   GW1067

Marcia Lane:
River OF Stars   GW1057
Stories From The Enchanted Loom   GW1040
Tales On The Wind   GW1031

David Levine:
Singing On A Star   GW1034
(with Purly Gates)

Doug Lipman:
Tell It With Me   GW1035
Keep On Shaking   GW1013

Bob Livingston:
Open The Window   GW1056

Pam & Greta's
Magical Music Express:

Friendship Stew   GW1062

David Mitchell:
Old Tales For Tender Years   GW1003

Hoyle Osborne:
Side By Side   GW1033 (with Jane Voss)

Ruth Pelham:
Under One Sky   GW1012

Greta Pedersen
Friendship Stew   GW1062
(with Pam Donkin)

Faith Petric:
Sing A Song, Sing Along   GW1015

Sarah Pirtle:
Magical Earth   GW1058
Two Hands Hold The Earth   GW1028
The Wind Is Telling Secrets   GW1046
Heart of the World   GW1065
Pocketful of Wonder   GW1071

Betsy Rose:
Calm Down Boogie   GW1070
As Strong as AnyOne Can Be   GW1010
(with Cathy Winter)

Sparky Rucker:
A Home In Tennessee   GW1004

Linda Schrade:
All Together   GW1027
Sleepytime Serenade   GW1048

Nick Seeger:
A Song Or Two For You   GW1002

Laura Simms:
An Incredible Journey   GW1001

Tom Smith:
Chip Off The New Block   GW1005

Paul Strausman:
Blue Jay, Blue Jay!   GW1060
Camels, Cats and Rainbows   GW1009
Rainbows, Stones & Dinosaur Bones   GW1029
The World's Big Family   GW1044

Paul Tracey:
The Rainbow Kingdom   GW1032

Are We Almost There   GW1026
Can We Go Now   GW1041
On The Trail   GW1054

Nancy Tucker:
Glad That You Asked   GW1045
Escape of the Slinkys   GW1068

Jay Ungar:
A Place To Be   GW1006 (with Lyn Hardy)

Jane Voss:
Side By Side   GW1033 (w/ Hoyle Osborne)

Bodie Wagner:
Just A Little Rainbow   GW1053

Mary Lu Walker:
The Frog's Party   GW1052

Robin & Linda Williams:
Down In The Valley   GW1011

Cathy Winter:
As Strong As Anyone Can Be   GW1010
(with Betsy Rose)

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